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Eyebrow waxing (12 yrs old.)?

Im 12 years old with pretty big eyebrows. lol

Im allowed to get them done but im a little scared.

Will it look weird if my eyebrows are perfect and shaped?

Im thinking of getting them done at the beginning of the summer.

Also, will it hurt real bad?

how often do i have to get them waxed?Eyebrow waxing (12 yrs old.)?
it wont hurt much

u can get it done once a month

//Eyebrow waxing (12 yrs old.)?
it won't look wierd, but in my experience all waxers over do them a bit, so for a few days they will look a bit scrawny. It wont hurt to bad, tears will come to your eyes, but it just stings, its not like crying, its involuntary. I got mine waxed once, and let them grow out to where I liked them and just pluck the stray ones as upkeep every few days.
just don't get them too skinny. i remember my first time LOL i went with my friends and like everyone in the salon was laughing. i was like screaming and laughing at the same time. It doesn't really hurt compared to other methods. Its quick easy pain. it really depends how fast ur eyebrows grow i get mine done 2 times a month. 1 through eyebrow threading for shaping (hurts like a motha so don't try it) and then a few weeks later i get them wax to clean and stuff.
same age and my friends do that

i pluck sometimes just to shape im blonde so they don't really show up

waxing would probably kill me hah

if its bad enough then i would wax if its just a little then tweeze

no it won't look weird i mean if you go to school monday and alacazam you have perfect eye brows ppl are gunna be like what the heck?? so i would deff do it over the weekend

you tend to be more sensitive while on your . so i would avoid that time of the month bc it would hurt alot more and don't stress about it thats gunna make it hurt more too

get them waxed only so often don't get a waxing right when your hair starts growing back in..pluck them untill you need them waxed again
it barely even hurts. i first got it done when i was 13 and i thought it would hurt but its only a pinch for like a second. and it makes u look prettier. trust me

u should get them waxed every few months or so

thats wat i do and it works. =]
it will hurt a little the first time but it will get easier

it will totally be worth it.

%26amp; it wont look weird it will look better

kids are mean and will make fun of bushy eyebrows.

so yeah, its worth it

Don't be scared. I do it every week because my hair grows back fast. Usually, you will need to do it anywhere from every 3 days to every month. It all depends. It does not hurt either. People who say it does are the people who cry if they get pinched or get a paper cut. Don't worry, go ahead and do it. I recommend that you do it professionally unless you have someone you trust to help you. Happy waxing. =]
You will have to get them done about every 3-4 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. It will hurt, but it's more of an uncomfortable hurt then anything and the pain goes away pretty fast. They will normally put t-tree or another soothing cream or gel on your brows afterwards to help with the redness and sensitivity. Brows define your face so I think you will look good. If you don't like the waxing, don't get it again until you are ready. It doesn't last forever.
itll look good if the right person does it.

it doesnt really hurt at all haha.

and just wax them whenever they start to get bad

just make sure that they arent too skinny and fake looking. thats very unattractive because they never grow back

hope that helped!
It hurts and takes sum of the skin off so id just pluck if i were u
girl when u wax ur eyebrows it hurts really bad it depends on ur control or stuff if u hav really hav thick e brows then it will hurt real bad but they stay lik dat 4 a month or so good luk
im scared tooo!

and im afraid i might look weirdd!
im 13. and i havent got mine done. dont.
You can ask them to do a modest shaping, it doesn't have to be a huge difference. It'll sting, yes, you can put ice on them afterwards if they bother you. It's not excruciating. You might get them waxed every few weeks, but you can pluck stray hairs as they come in.
i think it will look good. um, i have a friend who is alllowed to and wont(she is 15) and it really bothers me and most of my other friends cause we think she would be really pretty if she did. i wax mine and it is like a pain that lasts for like 5 mins...A LOT LESS THAN PLUCKING!!! just get the waxed once and if you don't like it, then don't do it again...
Well, I'm thirteen and have been getting my eyebrows done for quite a while now. The waxing part to me is not as bad as the plucking that professionals do after a waxing. Yes, it does hurt but not as much as people make it seem. There's a price to pay if you want to be pretty.

I get mine done about every 2 weeks but my hair grows exceptionally fast.
It hurts when its first done but the pain doesn't last long.

It won't look wierd at all it opens up ure eyes so just shows off ure eyes more, and looks natural, which is most imporant!

Get them done every few months and inbetween pluck any stray hairs using tweezers, never shave them!!!

Eyebrow Waxing Around Farmington, CT?

Can anyone recommend a good place to get your eyebrows wax in or near Farmington, CT? It seems like I'm always stuck making appointments and travel around for something that takes a few minutes. Seems rather difficult to find a place that does a good job without the big stress. Any help will be greatly appreciated!Eyebrow Waxing Around Farmington, CT?鈥?/a>

Try this site? You might need to sift through the results, or just order a do it yourself kit online.


Eyebrow waxing...surely this is taking it too far?

Why the hell do people do it?? waxing...surely this is taking it too far?

well i dont know bout waxing eyebrows coz i thread mine.Eyebrow waxing...surely this is taking it too far?
Urm... he fell two metres off a ladder my friend...
Oh wow, ouch..... I never get my eyebrows waxed I thread them instead, I had them waxed once an it sucked, looks like I got away lightly just ending up with thin eyebrows at least I still had my skin

Well my advice to him would be, don't wax your eyebrows on a ladder. It never works!

the guy fell off a ladder!

which world are you in,duffus?
Not sure whether you deliberately put on something not relating to the topic or whether you didn't actually read the article.

However, eyebrow waxing can be very useful for some people, a lot of my friends wax their eyebrows because it's easier for them to maintain the look they want.
Eyebrow waxing wouldn't do that to a person.

we're not stupid.

he fell off a LADDER, you goddamn idiot.

it's just like a ******* piece of tape that removes hairs.

it's physically impossible for waxing your eyebrows to do that damage.

you think it's funny?

you're a dumbass.

stop looking for attention.
Thanks for the 2 points.
OMFG. good one, 褔ou've proper put me off m褔 lunch now :(

THATS BLOODY SICK. asif that was down to e褔ebrow waxing!!
I'm pretty sure it all doesn't end up like that. People usually wax their monobrows anyway, which is probably a usuful thing to do..
He fell of a ladder, also waxing makes i longer for the hair to grow back when i got it done it didn't grow until 5-6 weeks

also it is done professionally.
that doesnt happen.i do it all the time. hater much.
if you read the story with that picture, youll know that the guy fell off a ladder.

women wax their eyebrows so they can draw on their own
That isn't because he waxed his eye brows.

Might want to try reading?

Eyebrow waxing tips..?

i get my eyebrows done at a nail place for 5 dollars..its cheap but i wanna know

1. in between waxing, how should i get rid of the hair other than plucking (too painful! lol)

2. how can i create a dramatic arch in my eyebrows like raven symone for example. my eybrows are really thin now and have a slight arch, im growing them out so they get thicker, but wat can i do for a better arch?Eyebrow waxing tips..?
hey !

1. Plucking's kinda your only way, but it's not so painful // at first it can hurt a bit because it'll irratate your skin because it's not used to it, but after about 2 weeks of plucking, it totally won't hurt!! :) [ besides, waxing hurts wayy more than plucking - if you can tolerate a wax, you can tolerate plucking! :) ]

2. i also like the high arch looks, but you can only do this if you have a lot of thick brows or a natural high arch because there's no way to shape em otherwise. since you have a slight arch you could try to work with it by growing your eyebrow hair infront of the arch so it's thicker and creates more of an allusion of an arched brow..


with more hair infront, it creates an illusion of a more arched brow.

you could also find an eyebrow pencil and pencil it, that way you can shape your brow in any way! make sure you use upward motion to help it look more natural and hair like.

i'd suggest getting your eyebrows proffessionally done.

hope i helped!!:)Eyebrow waxing tips..?

1. Plucking is the best solution, but you can also get little eyebrow razors. I got a pack of 3 at Walgreens for about $3, I think they're Sally Hansen or Revlon, I'm not sure. Just look in the eyelash curler section of the beauty products, they're around there.

2. See how your natural arch is. I personally think Raven Symone's eyebrows are REALLY overdone- they sort of remind me of a clown's half-triangle eyebrows. I don't think you want an arch like that. Definately get them thicker- you don't want to look overdone. =]
get them done professionally. Trust me its hard to wax yourself, its messy and you can mess up not saying you will and youll always have to pluck to get small bits of hair out and waxing hurts for a little while. But it will make your eyes water

Eyebrow waxing help?

so i got my eyebrows waxed for the first time and i was wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of the irritation. thanks :DEyebrow waxing help?
They normally apply some kind of cream after waxing to help calm irritation. My eyebrows are always red for about 2 hours after because i have sensitive skin.
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  • Eyebrow!!?

    I bought a wax but i have no clue what im doing please help me!Eyebrow!!?
    What you should do is get ur brows professionally done, and use ur kit to touch up every other week or so...

    you can also tweeze between weeks....Eyebrow!!?
    if you have never waxed your own eyebrows before, really, DONT DO IT.

    go to a professional (inSpa isn't expensive and they do it great) they can wax your eyebrows for you and show %26amp; teach you how to do it yourself. it could be really helpful.

    but dont try it by yourself if you dont know what youre doing, because your eyebrows are the main highlight of your whole face, and when you mess them up, its really, REALLY, noticeable

    hope this helped(: good luckk

    ***inSpa eyebrow waxing is typically $18***
    Oh my gosh be careful! I use prewaxed strips on my brows so that there is 0 chance of it dripping and ripping off hairs I wanted to leave. (and you can get closer to the brows) Don't wax too close to your brows if you have hot wax. Its so easy to make a mistake and take off half your brow that way. Pluck close to the brow edge and use the wax to take off the loose ones farther away. Make sure you have some baby oil handy just incase you get wax on some hairs that you'd like to stay in place.
    get it professionally done at a nail salon because its not messy and its very quick and the best thing is it is guaranteed to look great and last awhile

    Eyebrow waxing questions?

    How much does it cost? Where can you get it done? How much does it hurt? How long does it take? And anything else I might need to know...Eyebrow waxing questions?
    it costs probably $14ish, it doesn't hurt that bad, it will probably take less than 10 minutes, it lasts probably several weeks. You can keep it clean yourself.Eyebrow waxing questions?
    It depends on where you go for the cost. It is $11 at the salon I work at, but I have seen it go up to over $20. You can get it done at almost any salon. To me, it really doesn't hurt too much. It actually kinda feels good! You just feel clean afterwords.The more you do it, the less it hurts. It depends on your tolerance for pain. It does require a little maintenance. It literally takes just minutes to do. Depending on if you tweeze new growth in between, it can last from 3 weeks to a month, also depending on much you get rid of, how fast your hair grows, and how often you want them cleaned up. Of course there will be a little redness and soreness afterwords, but that is very temporary. The waxer also puts tea tree oil or something else like that on right afterwords to help w/ the redness and slight soreness. After awhile, the hair stops growing. I used to get mine waxed every 4-6 weeks, when I got my hair colored. I haven't had them waxed in months; I just tweeze the little strays when necessary. Don't go to thin because it is ugly and unnatural and big, full brows are in! Just get them cleaned up and shaped a little, I forgot to mention that they do shape them how you want them and/or to suit your face shape. Get them done professionally at least once; it really makes a world of difference.
    well it kinda stings at first but it doesnt really hurt after. and most nail or hair salons will do it, it only takes about 15 minutes, and usually somewhere around 20-35 dollars.
    My hair stylist does mine as part of my appointment. It's 5 bucks and takes just about 5 minutes for both sides. The wax is nice and warm and then it feels like a bandaid being pulled off.
    It is wonderful, costs about 10-20 bucks. I do my own. Just get it done, you will love it. It doesn't hurt but maybe for a second and its over! Go for it!
    call a local beautician for prices. its kinda like ripping off a bandaid and the sting subsides pretty quickly and it only takes a few minutes.

    It does hurt abit but to be beautiful u need to endure a little pain.

    It usually takes about 20mins if u have allot of hair.

    I dont know where u live so i cant give you a price... but i do mine and it is cheap in my country. Also make sure that your beautician picks out the right pattern for the shape of your eyebrows.

    i get it done once a month--15$ you can get it done at almost any place you get your hair cut --try at the mall. it hurts for a couple seconds, but its well worth it.. only takes a couple mins to get it done, everytime you get it done it hurts less.
    it costs different prices-depends where you go-most of the time beauty salons or spas do it-ill be honest, when they pull that cloth of it hurts like hell but only for like takes maybe about 30mins if they do it right--to proportion them and all-better than tweezing!
    Get them threaded instead.You'll love it and it's basically painless.....
    call local beautician